Data show: last week, Bitcoin and Ethereum both increased in computing power and difficulty, and network activity declined.

According to the weekly report of the Firecoin Blockchain Industry (April 8th – April 14th): 1. As of April 14, 2019, the total market value of global blockchain assets reached 175.986 billion US dollars, down 3.16% from the previous month; Last week, Bitcoin and Taifang's network computing power and difficulty increased, Bitcoin and Ethereum's network activity decreased, the average size of the block, the average transaction speed of each block, the number of unconfirmed transactions and miners' fees decline. In terms of cryptocurrency production, the average value of the bitcoin net hash value was 46.13EH/s, up 0.70% from the previous month. The average value of the hash value of the Ethereum network was 147.98TH/s, which was 3.82% higher than the previous month. The difficulty of mining bitcoin and Ethereum increased by 0.18% and 3.58% respectively.