Market analysis: market sentiment weakened, BTC fell below 8,000 US dollars to strengthen risk

Yesterday evening, the BTC went down. The hourly Bollinger opened the opening downwards. The trend broke 8000 and moved further toward the low point. The quantity could flow out a lot, and then the bottom support stopped the downtrend. The early morning trend entered a rebound stage, but the signs were severely resisted. Lack of kinetic energy, after going up to the 8000 line, entering the turbulent rhythm, this heavy volume will once again drive the market's short-selling sentiment, the follow-up pressure will continue to develop, the trend will continue to explore, once the market bullish sentiment weakens, the downtrend will Continue again.

In the BTC daily chart, yesterday's rebound has been maintained until the evening, but it still failed to stabilize, resulting in increased follow-up pressure. The bulls are in a rout, and the decline has further formed. Today, a rebound in the key support area at the bottom bottom, but still lacks strength. The trend is temporarily adjusted in the 8000 line, the moving averages are short, the Bollinger band opens downwards, the MACD indicator continues downward, and the downtrend continues to spread, but the STOCH indicator intersects and bonds in the vicinity of the 20 horizontal line. The signs of the fork, once the follow-up trend can stabilize in 8000 and rebound to the upper area of ​​8300, the trend is expected to continue to attack, once again go to the previous resistance suppression area, the RSI indicator is up, today the market will also be biased towards the long side, if the trend in the short term When the 8000 stabilizes, the trend will continue upwards. Today, there will be a trend of volatility upwards, but the upper resistance is extremely strong, and the rebound strength is lacking. Therefore, the operation suggestion is low and low, and the short stop loss is brought to 8300 near 8250. Position to 8050 position, pay attention to the upper 8300-8400 first-line resistance suppression, with a good stop loss in operation, enter the security The whole profitable rhythm.

ETH fell to the 150 area, and the Bollinger Band stopped the downtrend to form a rebound. The current trend rebounded more strongly, and the STOCH indicator has a golden cross. Once the trend breaks through the 170 position, it will continue to test the 180 position, MACD. The indicator is running downwards, the RSI indicator is up, and today's trend is a trend of upward volatility. There is more pressure on the top, so the operation suggests that the altitude is low, paying attention to the upper resistance 170-180 position, and the lower support 160-150 position.

LTC encountered a rebound in the lower ring of Bling yesterday, and then fell further to 50 position, which triggered a rebound in the market's long-term sentiment. The current trend once again led the Bollinger to test the lower track. Once the trend can stabilize in the region, the pressure link will move. Entering the adjustment phase, the short-term quantity can continue to flow in, then the follow-up suggestion is low and low, focusing on the upper resistance 58-60 position and the lower support 52-50 position.

The pressure above BCH moves down, but the trend lacks energy, the pressure weakens, and the rebound lacks strength. The trend enters a stale posture. The current trend remains above 200. If the follow-up can stabilize in the region, the rebound capability will further. Ascension, today's situation is dominated by shocks, and the operational recommendations are low and low. Focus on the 220-230 position above the resistance and the 200-190 position below.

The heavy volume posture has appeared further, and the second bottoming has also appeared. If it can stabilize in key areas in the short term, the trend will enter the stage of shock adjustment, and the downside risk will also decrease accordingly. If the subsequent pressure increases, continue to test, it is very It may break the low point and lead to further expansion of the decline. The short-term operation is recommended to be dominated by high-altitude, short and more supplemented, and timely seize the effective income plan.