The market is weak, and the bears continue to hang their longs

There is no signal to stop the market. Some people attribute this decline to Google’s introduction of quantum computers. Although quantum computers sound very horrible, they can only solve some specific algorithms, which may not actually cause bitcoin. Threat, but yesterday's blockchain concept stocks also fell very badly. This is our sorrow, listening to the wind is rain, I personally do not think that the short-term quantum computer will have much impact on Bitcoin, short-term is a The impact of emotions, there is still no stop signal, the overall trend of the market is weak, the front of the big Yinxian is still very powerful against the market, and the recovery of emotions will take time.


BTC continued to operate along the lower shadow line, and the trend was relatively weak. For the past two days, it did not try to reverse the half position of the negative line. Personally, the target believes that the target has not stopped falling. It is waiting for the 5 antenna to go down and observe the target. If I stand back to the 5 antennas again, I personally think that the possibility is relatively small. The lethality of the front of the Yinxian is too great. I believe that the short-selling momentum will not be so fast, and the probability is to sway for a few days and then along the 5 antennas. Falling, as for the next decline, we have to look at it again. It is only one step away from the support of US$7200-7500 given before. If it can stabilize above $7,200, it will confirm whether the $9000 is effective. If it is a trend, it should be cautiously bargain-hunting. The decline is obviously not over yet. There is only a small amount of counter-pumping. You can play, don’t be heavy, and take risks as a whole.


ETH once again received a K-line with a long lower shadow line. This kind of trend is a double-needle bottom. Can it be successful? It needs to be combined with today's K-line judgment. If the 5 antenna is close to the target, it will not be replenished. Line, then the target may stop falling. If today or tomorrow, the target once again replenished the lower shadow line, then the target breakdown of 150 dollars is a high probability event, I personally maintain yesterday's point of view, at 150 The dollar is obviously not the bottom. Of course, there will be resistance in this place. After completing the falling relay pattern, it is a big probability to pay attention to the risk again.


The trend of EOS is similar to that of ETH. Yesterday, it also received a K-line with a lower shadow line. It did not break the pressure level of 3 dollars. The current trend is also waiting for the 5 antenna to move down. Personally, the target is still considered. There may be a double bottoming. The target directly penetrates the bottom of the previous period, and the volume of the volume is also released. It may not be able to stop falling in the short term. The support of the target is around US$2.2, and there is resistance at this point. However, the rebound will not break through $3, and the breakdown of $2.2 will inevitably lead to a new low. This is undoubted, with the main focus on prevention and control.

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