The "Buddha" became a woman who bought Bitcoin and was deceived 1.45 million and thought it was just an investment failure.

According to the mammoth news, a year ago, Zhengzhou citizen Li met two netizens through WeChat, QQ and other platforms. In the exchange, Li revealed that he usually believed in Buddha. After that, two netizens would talk to Li about "Fo" every day. In the end, they gain their trust. After that, the two men used the investment of bitcoin to let Lee get a transfer to the platform account provided by him. In a year, Li has transferred 1.45 million yuan to him. Unexpectedly, the rich return has not been seen yet. Li’s two convinced two “friends” have disappeared… Someone went to the public security organs to report the case. The police tracked the line and successfully cracked the telecom fraud case supervised by the provincial public security bureau in less than one month. On September 26, the Zhengzhou Police Cultural Road Branch notified the investigation of the case and returned the victim with a recovery of 630,000 yuan. At present, the suspects Zheng Moqiong and other four people have arrived at the case, and the case is under further investigation.