Be wary of counterfeit imToken "transaction rollback" scam, the amount of fraud has reached thousands of Ethereum

According to CoinHunter, a digital asset security tracking platform, there have been recent reports of users submitting money-losing incidents that have been subjected to imToken "transaction rollback" fraud. The phishing account creates a fake imToken official telegram group and acts as the official technician. It guides the “transportation arbitrage” to be deceived by the user to enter the private key on the designated website for the so-called “transaction rollback” operation for secondary fraud. Currently, the number of people in the telegram group It has reached 68,000 people, and many users have been scammed by “moving bricks and arbitrage” and “transaction rollback”. In this case, users are reminded to be vigilant. Do not enter sensitive information such as private keys, mnemonics, and verification codes on any unfamiliar websites. Beware of being deceived.