Kelan Software: Extensive cooperation with Ant Financial in the blockchain

On September 27th, Kelan Software’s Board of Directors responded to investors on the interactive platform “Hang Seng’s shareholding in the company’s stock, the impact on Kelan and Ant Financial and the digital financial industry companies’ progress.” Internet Bank's front-end, middle-office, back-office products and projects, and blockchain have already had extensive and in-depth cooperation. The two sides are strategically level and continue to deepen and expand into other areas. According to the announcement issued by Hang Seng Electronics on September 26th: “The initial floating profit of Kelan Software's stock held by (Hengsheng) Company has been included in the company's net profit for the year. This sale has caused the previous floating profit of Kelan Software's stock to be converted into Cash income", Hang Seng is a financial investment in Kelan, normal reduction. Both Hang Seng and Kelan are financial technology companies. Because there are different sub-divisions, there is no product and project cooperation relationship. The reduction of their holdings has no effect on the development of Kelan! At the upcoming Yunqi Conference, the company has just been awarded the “Alibaba Cloud's first batch of industry ISV partner certification”, and the “Electronic Channel Yi Platform Solution” co-created with ants was also compatible with the V3 version last month. Sex test certification. Undoubtedly, the domestic digital finance industry is taking off, and the company will work with ants to provide more innovative products to customers in the future.