IRIS Foundation completes second pass certification

The IRIS Foundation implemented a second destruction on time based on a one-year certificate destruction plan. A total of 14,304,888 IRIS passes were destroyed through two transactions, currently totaling 2 billion IRIS certificates. The destruction involved two addresses: the main address of the Eco-development Fund reserved by the Foundation destroyed 5,696,910 IRIS passes, and the entrusted income extraction address destroyed 8,607,978 IRIS passes. The transaction hash involved in this destruction: A31258889ACA0BFA3ECEFE6B3185C02FBDAB2D61BA247726CE0D1CC83D0E995E; 64E306246EFCE4893BD87E4114E80664324C39263E91E3DD3C9878290EC2D4E6.

According to the IRIS Foundation, this destruction plan is based on the fact that IRISnet's ecological development is still in its infancy. In the hope that the total amount of IRIS will remain unchanged within one year, the certifier and the client will obtain mortgage income at the original inflation rate and actively participate in mortgage maintenance. Network security promotes IRISnet's ecological health and sustainable development.