The Jiaxing Municipal People's Government issued the "Three Cards in Xihu District to Promote the High-quality Development of the Blockchain Industry"

On September 27th, the official website of the Jiaxing Municipal People's Government released the "Three Cards in Xihu District to promote the high-quality development of the blockchain industry." The article pointed out that
The first is scientific guidance and the "policy" card. Formulate the "Policy Opinions on Building a Blockchain Industrial Park in Xixi Valley (Trial)", increase policy support and industry guidance, and encourage blockchain technology innovation and application demonstration. The implementation of the “Small and Small Growth Plan”, “Eagle Project” and “Phoenix Action” Three-Year Plan (2018-2020) Implementation Plan was implemented in Xihu District, and the joint meeting mechanism of the leading group members was established and coordinated to coordinate and coordinate the blockchain startups in the whole district. Enterprise Development. Organize a special policy interpretation meeting for blockchain enterprises to help financial technology companies in and outside the region to fully understand relevant support policies and attract more blockchain start-ups to settle down. In 2019, the support for the blockchain industry was 4.41 million yuan, an increase of 165% over the previous year.

The second is to build a platform and lay a good "industry" card. Efforts will be made to build the first blockchain industrial park in the province and the city – Xixi Valley Block Chain Industrial Park, Zhejiang Blockchain Technology Application Association, Hangzhou City Block Chain Technology and Application Federation to enter the park. At present, it has undertaken or organized more than 50 exchanges and forum activities as a guiding unit, and further promoted the chain chain industry brand in Xihu District.

The third is to optimize the environment and lay the "service" card. Do a good job in the research of blockchain projects, strengthen communication with provincial and urban blockchain associations, keep abreast of the development of member units, and effectively solve the development problems of blockchain enterprises. Establish a group-based service-based mechanism, a one-stop problem-solving mechanism, and a comprehensive assessment and evaluation mechanism to accurately solve the difficult problems faced by blockchain start-ups. Organize brokers, financial institutions and other industry experts to provide on-site services, and actively encourage blockchain enterprises to dock the capital market, accelerate the pace of industry development, and seize the opportunity of blockchain competition.