Data show: Yesterday's Ethereum network Gas utilization accounted for 93.21% of the total loadable capacity

According to data, in recent times, Ethereum Gas consumption continues to be highly saturated. Yesterday (September 26), Ethereum network Gas consumption value totaled 814 ETH, Gas utilization accounted for Ethereum network It carries 93.21% of the total amount of Gas. After comprehensive comparison, the top 5 smart contracts for Gas consumption are: FairWin (36.01%), ERC20 USDT (7.01%), HyperFair (3.16%), EtherHonor (1.76%), and CoToken (1.2%). This morning, the FairWin smart contract was exposed to potential safety hazards, and both the HyperFair and EtherHonor consumed by Gas were used for their imitation. DAppTotal reminded users to be alert to such security risks and avoid loss of digital assets.