Research Report | 2019 Q1 Mining Industry Report

Is it a good business to “mining” under stricter policies? Which mine machine is faster when the power is limited? Cloud computing power mining and direct purchase pass which is cost-effective? How does bear market mining hedge risk? How will the difficulty of mining the main circulation certificate increase? Please read the TokenInsight 2019 Q1 Mining Industry Report.

The following is a summary of the points:

At the current price and difficulty, the core T3 43T has the shortest return cycle in the BTC mine with less than 50 J/T.

In the bear market, some mining machines have fallen sharply. If they have lower-priced power resources , mining has a significant return on investment.

The current price of the ant S17 mining machine is overestimated. Even if the difficulty rises, its cost performance is still not as good as that of the ant S15 mining machine. Considering the difficulty and mining returns, the current purchase of the ant S15 mining machine instead of the ant S17 mining machine is a better choice. S17 or therefore further price cuts, miners can wait for S17 price cuts and then choose to buy.

BitDeer and VeryHash cloud computing power, the cost of obtaining BTC is less than $5,200, and the purchase of the certificate is not as good as cloud computing. If you want to avoid the risk of falling in the price of the pass, you can lock the mining profit ahead of the contract.

Bear market mining requires hedging to hedge risk.

The National Development and Reform Commission has eliminated the new rules for mining, and it is expected that the impact on thermal power mining will be small, and it will have a greater impact on hydropower mining during the wet season.