Ant Block Chain Yunqi Conference: 2020 to use the blockchain to serve 100 million Chinese

"I predict that by this time next year, the blockchain will be able to serve more than 100 million people in China," said Li Jieli, senior director of Ant Financial.

This scene took place at the Yunqi Conference and Ant Block Chain Ecology Summit on September 26. During the roundtable forum of the summit, Li Jieli had an in-depth dialogue with representatives of financial institutions to discuss the core demand pain points of various industries. The solution provided with the blockchain.

Banking industry blocks into the main battlefield

Four of the five guests who participated in the dialogue on the same day were from the banking sector. Babbitt learned that these banking departments have shown a positive attitude towards the blockchain and have reached business cooperation with the ant blockchain.

Yang Chen, assistant general manager of the business department of Shanghai Bank, said that in the field of supply chain finance, Shanghai Bank has established cooperation with the ant blockchain. Wang Shuirong, deputy director of Huaxia Bank Hangzhou Branch, said that the Huaxia Bank and Ant Blockchain team focused on the core supply chain business and spread the credit of core customers on the blockchain to meet the financial services of small and micro enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. . Li Peng, assistant to the president of Chongqing Fumin Bank, said that Fumin Bank can use the blockchain's multilateral data security computing technology to achieve mutual modelling and improve the risk control level of both parties while ensuring customer information security and authorization.

The supply chain is the most common scenario for blockchain landing.

According to Yang Chen, for a long time, marketers in the banking sector spend a lot of energy to persuade them to use their own bank products when recommending to core customers in the supply chain. But customer needs are constantly changing. When they use a banking platform, they also want to use funds from other banks. Moreover, the suppliers and distributors of the core enterprises do not care which bank provides services for them, and care about the services they enjoy. This requires the establishment of an open ecology. The cooperation between Shanghai Bank and Ant Double Link provides an open platform for customers through blockchain technology, and customers can easily obtain funds.

Blockchain makes art flow more efficient

Although everyone is familiar with Sotheby's and Christie's auction houses, it is difficult to trade art in China.

Zou Minghe, president of Shenzhen Fortune Culture Group, introduced that the most important reason is to solve the "four indeed" (true: what kind of; right: who is it; conviction: verification and verification; price: how much). Shenzhen Fortune Culture Group cooperates with ant blockchain to solve the problem of true and false art by using artificial intelligence recognition technology. It uses the judicial chain of ant blockchain to solve the problem of confirming rights, and uses ants sesame credit to solve the problem of conviction and utilize ant blockchain. The double-chain solution solves the problem of price.

In addition, Shenzhen Fortune Culture Group has built a blockchain platform for cultural property rights transactions and opened up with ants to solve cultural art circulation, transactions and a range of financial services.

1 year service 100 million Chinese

It can be seen that the blockchain service entity economy can make society work more efficiently. So, after 1 year, what breakthroughs will the blockchain achieve?

Li Jieli is full of confidence. He predicts that at this time next year, the blockchain will be able to serve more than 100 million people in China.

"I think that many of the things we do today are to sow seeds, sprout in the spring, and bear fruit in the fall. The number of one hundred million is a prediction, and that I am determined on behalf of the ant blockchain team. We must Work hard in this direction to get more people to access new technologies and enjoy the benefits of technology."

Liu Yidong, general manager of the commercial platform department of the online merchant bank, predicts that the blockchain will accelerate the integration of the scenario in the coming year. It is expected that next year, the network merchant bank will support the micro-finance customers through the support of the blockchain. More than one million.

Zou Minghe predicted that the blockchain will overturn the entire traditional cultural art trade. The blockchain will provide services for at least 100 cities, 10 million pieces and 100 million people in the field of cultural art.

Regulatory and trust issues still need to face

Despite the broad prospects for the blockchain, there are still many obstacles.

The biggest challenge of the blockchain for the banking industry is the regulatory level. According to Yang Chen, the current supervision is a “patch-type” regulation, that is, after the emergence of new technologies, supervision is followed up, and there is a lack of guiding supervision. What the industry needs is to ensure the application and implementation of new technologies from the system.

Li Peng believes that the most important issue is to solve the problem of trust. Although the biggest feature of the blockchain is trust, the trust between existing business organizations is still centralized.

"Everyone uses blockchain technology on this platform, but the question is whether this platform has a backdoor? Is it really an information security sharing mechanism? Is there a door that can see all the cards at the end? ”

Only after these trust problems are resolved can the blockchain technology be able to land and form a true business ecosystem.