Analysis: Futures market bullish in the evening, crude oil contracts fluctuated

BFX.NU research members said that the long-term futures market has increased in size compared to the daytime. Technical indicators RSI and CCI have also entered the recommended range for buying. In the evening, although bitcoin has fluctuated, the market support is better. Returning to the resistance level of 8,000 US dollars, the crude oil contract of the bulk futures suffered two shocks in the evening, and the short-term maximum return rate is expected to exceed 60%. In the mainstream currency futures sector, 9 categories of contracts such as ZEC, TRX, NEO and DASH have obvious short-term Masukura, while 11 contracts such as ADA, ONT and EOS are showing a trend of lightening positions; in the platform currency futures sector, the HT contract is adding 152,600 in a short time. The opening of the position, the overall long position as the bulls, and the BNB contract of the same section continued the main position of the short position during the day, the OKB contract returned to the normal long and short range.