Analysis: Bloomberg reported that trading robots are running crazy on the exchange, or a short-lived callback to the mainstream currency overnight

According to a report in the early morning of Bloomberg today (April 16), in some digital currency exchanges, the market manipulation problem is extremely embarrassing. The robots created by the trading algorithm make profits by sacrificing the interests of users by taking advantage of ordinary users. The report quoted research reports from Philip Daian and Ari Juels of Cornell University's School of Science and Technology, saying that on decentralized exchanges, some algorithmic trading is more direct and convenient, and some specially developed arbitrage trading robots can be used relative to ordinary users. The advantage is to directly participate in the transaction and profit from it. Ari Juels said that although decentralized exchanges account for only a small portion of the entire digital currency market, user usage is expected to continue to grow. In addition, in centralized exchanges, such behavior may be equally embarrassing. In a speech last week, Ari Juels said that from the situation presented by the decentralized exchange, the transaction amount involved may be in the billions of dollars. Quotes show that shortly after the release of this article, the mainstream currency has experienced a short-term correction overnight, BTC once fell below the 5000 USDT mark, but the price has now rebounded to around 5072USDT.