CEO of Ledger: Optimistic about the role of smartphones in promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the future

Eric Larchevêque, CEO of Ledger, a crypto hardware wallet manufacturer, said in an interview that technology is important, but relying on technology alone is not enough to guarantee encryption and ecological security. Regulators also play an important role, especially in enterprise-level solutions. The best solution is to combine the two to ensure that people use the right technology. Larcheveque said: "In the next five to ten years, smart wallets will have enough technology to protect the security of encrypted assets. Although the hardware wallet will not completely disappear, if we take the consideration of the real use of cryptocurrency, smart phones will be a way. Therefore, Ledger is also planning for the future, and it is likely to license more technology to smartphone vendors in need, rather than selling hardware wallet devices directly.” In addition, Larcheveque also said: “Hardware wallet for individuals It may be very good, it can also be used by the organization, but it cannot be scaled up."