China's first data assurance service platform officially opened for operation, using blockchain technology for data validation

According to CCTV news, the first data validation service platform in China was officially opened for operation approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The data assurance platform is mainly to review the legal compliance of data, a series of audits and registration certifications for data production and processing service subjects, data circulation processes, and data circulation application rules. The content of the review includes whether the use of the data violates the Criminal Law, the Information Security Law, whether it violates the industry data collection agreement, whether the data can be modified or copied, and whether the relevant service provider has the ability to deliver information security. The opening of the data assurance platform can not only solve the problems of government departments and enterprises in the “storage, management and use of data”, but also integrate the data of all parties to effectively solve the concerns of relevant enterprises due to privacy protection and data. Safety-related laws and regulations have led to the dilemma of "want to use data to solve problems and fear of using data to create problems." According to reports, the platform will be confirmed by the cloud platform acceptance, manual review and blockchain technology to ensure the standardization of data circulation.