ProgPoW enters the conspiracy cycle, Ethereum 2.0 upgrades or can end the farce

ProgPoW is being questioned by the community as a technical upgrade that is not a mere technology upgrade. The ProgPoW architect Minehan, who has resigned from the mining company Core Scientific, is in the midst of a public whirlpool.

ProgPoW's original claim was to address Ethereum's ASIC hardware mining centralization issues, but the community has been slow to progress because of its interest. According to relevant data, there is no serious mining centerization problem in Ethereum. The profitability of its special mining machine is far less than that of Bitcoin mining machine. The block rhythm BlockBeats understands that the Ethash algorithm relies heavily on ram bandwidth, and the ASIC price is not high, saving only the cost of the GPU.

Previously, community members thought that deliberate anti-ASICs might trigger "anti-competition," and now NVIDIA and Core Scientific's AI GPU orders have caught the attention of conspiracy theorists. "Obviously, once ProgPoW is adopted, Core Scientific will greatly benefit from it," the opponents said. But at the same time, ProgPoW is getting more and more attention, and it was approved temporarily at the Ethereum Developers Conference earlier this month. However, if you can finally enter the Ethereum code base, the burden on ProgPoW is no longer a simple one. Centralization" technical issues.

BlockBeats learned that NVIDIA directly characterized this as "no evidence of speculation," and Minehan himself responded: "I don't deny that Core Scientific will benefit from it, but that's not why I promote ProgPoW." Core developer Nick Johnson wrote on Twitter: "At the moment, I don't think ProgPoW has a chance to be adopted. Because it's no longer a technical issue, but because people have successfully planted enough fear and uncertainty, it's itself. Whether it is feasible or not is no longer important."

ProgPoW has always been a whirlpool of public opinion due to patent issues and the huge benefits behind it. The block rhythm BlockBeats believes that the democratic chaos of this community governance is very similar to the situation before and after the bitcoin fork, but in the current PoW arrow, it seems no longer important.