LEVEL01 eco-coin LVX will be launched on the P2PB2B exchange tomorrow

The LEVEL01 eco-token LVX will be launched on September 30, 2019 on the P2PB2B exchange. It is understood that LEVEL01 is a point-to-point, decentralized integrated financial derivatives trading platform that can trade digital currency, foreign exchange, precious metals and so on. LEVEL01 has authoritative financial data – the Thomson Reuters database, and many of the world's top experts. The LEVEL01 exchange has not yet officially launched, and was named the most promising technology company in Asia by Forbes, ranking first in the technology rankings. LVX tokens can be hosted on the LEVEL01 trading platform to create a trading room to extract profits from the transaction of the room; in any place covering VISA, Master, UnionPay, LVX can be used for payment, achieving LVX global circulation; LVX also You can redeem the shares of Liyi Sto, stocks, and enjoy platform dividends. With the growth of the user base, the demand for LVX will increase due to scarcity, and the official will also take out part of the profits for lvx repurchase and destruction. LVX will gradually land on the world's major exchanges, thus promoting the value of lvx. P2pb2b.io is a 22-bit exchange with a European financial license that can be traded in US dollars.