Director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Hainan Province: Strengthening the development and implementation of blockchain standards in Hainan Province, creating a blockchain standard highland

On September 28th, the tenth press conference of the theme conference of Hainan Province's “Magnificent 70 Years of Struggle New Era” series was held in the multi-function hall of the Hainan Provincial Museum. Wang Jing, director of the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hainan Province, revealed at the meeting that Hainan Ecological Software Park will speed up the construction of blockchain test zones, create blockchain innovation highlands, apply highlands and standard highlands, and build blockchain development ecology. Under the premise of complying with national regulations, the company issued guidelines and industry norms for the development of blockchain industry, and supported the development of blockchain technology in a new format in a prudent and inclusive regulatory environment. In the blockchain test area, we will introduce a batch of leading enterprises in the blockchain, foster a group of high-end research institutions of blockchain technology, carry out innovative research, and create a blockchain innovation highland. Organize and implement special demonstration and application projects, promote the “blockchain+” government, tourism, medical care, sharing economy, finance and other special applications, and promote new application scenarios to create blockchain application highlands. At the same time, actively participate in the development of blockchain national standards, industry standards, plus the development and implementation of the blockchain standards in Hainan Province, to create a blockchain standard highland.