Developers disclose multiple key vulnerabilities in FairWin and call them "Ponzi schemes"

Philippe Castonguay, research and development researcher at Horizon Games, a blockchain game studio, said there are several key vulnerabilities in the gaming app FairWin built on the Ethereum network, all of which are at risk. Castonguay explained that there is a vulnerability that allows the owner/administrator of the contract to be completely exhausted (including the $8 million Ethereum smart contract), a vulnerability in which the administrator can prevent user withdrawals forever, and a vulnerability is anyone ( Not only the owner) can steal new deposits. In addition, Castonguay also called FairWin a "Ponzi scheme." According to previous news, DAO founding team spokesperson Griff Green also issued a tweet to remind users that there are loopholes in FairWin smart contracts, which are easy to be discovered by Black Hat. The funds in FairWin are risky and should be stopped immediately.