Academician of the Singapore Academy of Engineering: Accelerating the deep integration of blockchain and other transportation industries in line with the future trend of the industry market

Li Dejun, academician of the Singapore Academy of Engineering, vice president of Jiadu Technology, and dean of the Global Institute of Intelligent Technology, said in an interview: "The landing of the policy has already pointed out the direction for the market. The "Technical Outline for the Construction of the Powerful Country" mentioned that strengthening the key technologies of the frontier R&D. Aiming at the world's technological frontiers such as next-generation information technology, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, new materials, new energy, etc., strengthening forward-looking and disruptive technology research that may lead to changes in the transportation industry; vigorously developing smart transportation. Promoting big data and the Internet New technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and supercomputing are deeply integrated with the transportation industry."