Zhongqingbao responded to the letter of concern of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange: in the future, it will continue to expand in the direction and application of blockchain technology

According to the financial network news, Zhongqingbao (300052.SZ) was previously considered by the media to involve the concept of blockchain and digital currency. The company's stock has risen continuously since September 12, 2019, with a cumulative increase of 48%. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked Zhongqingbao to verify whether it involves technologies such as blockchain and digital currency. If the relevant technology is not involved, please clarify and fully indicate the risk of speculation. Zhongqingbao responded with a letter of concern that the company is involved in the research and development of blockchain technology. Baoteng Internet, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, is mainly engaged in data center services and cloud value-added services, and provides development and application based on blockchain technology. Currently, it has obtained the “blockchain support fund supervision system” and “district”. The soft certificate of the blockchain industry project contract management system, in the future, Zhongqingbao will continue to expand in the R&D direction and application fields of blockchain technology, and promote blockchain technology innovation and industrial development, which is expected to be based on the blockchain platform. And the ecological development of the business continues to expand, forming a new profit growth point.