The EOS main network was upgraded smoothly, and the new BP caused 200,000 EOS to be stolen and flowed to the exchange.

From the 23rd of September to the 29th of September, EOS fell below US$3, and the market value decreased by 26.69%. On Monday, EOS main network successfully activated v1.8 version, achieving major updates and preparing for Voice's launch; The promotion said that the company invested 10 million US dollars to set up a US headquarters office, or created 170 new jobs; EOS main network account exceeded 1.5 million; super nodes compete fiercely, the emergence of new nodes brought new security issues, September 25 The new super node hashfineosio failed to configure the complete account blacklist in time, resulting in 200,000 EOS stolen money flowing to the exchange; BM said that it and BB came up with a good way to completely eliminate the motivation to buy tickets, but did not Explain the good method in detail.