Hainan Daily: The slogan "chain Shanghai South" has started in the country

On September 30th, Hainan Daily published the article "Hainan: Comprehensive improvement of information technology to help the construction of free trade port in the Free Trade Zone." The article pointed out that Hainan Province aimed at the commanding heights of the blockchain industry and seized the opportunity for development, creating the country's first blockchain test zone. In October last year, Hainan Ecological Software Park was officially awarded the “Hainan Free Trade Zone Free Trade Port Blockchain Test Zone”, which attracted the Firecoin Group, Baidu Blockchain Lab, 360 Block Chain, Thunder Block Chain, etc. More than 70 companies have settled in, and have reached a series of cooperation with Oxford University, Renmin University of China, and Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The slogan "Chain Shanghai South" has already started in the country.