Wuhan Core G32 Grin mining machine will be postponed until January 2020 delivery

According to the WeChat public number @Inno mining machine sales, Wuhan mining machine manufacturer Innovic said that the first batch of G32 Grin mining machine scheduled customers are expected to be delivered in January 2020, compared with the expected August shipments. About 4 months. According to Innosilicon, because it is strictly in accordance with the predetermined risk stream, the overall order is limited, the customers who get the delivery will get a huge performance advantage, and guarantee that one machine will deliver one to the predetermined customer and guarantee the maximum customer. income. For customers who are unwilling to continue to wait, Innosilicon also accepts users to apply for a full refund within 2 weeks. Innosilicon finally said that other new companies claim that it will be impossible to deliver G32 competing products with similar performance in October.