The financial background of the proposed director of Jinguan Co., Ltd. is outstanding, or it is necessary to strengthen the digital currency business.

According to the Securities Market Weekly, Jinguan (300510.SZ) had previously issued a notice saying that it intends to acquire the equity of the parent company of the digital company and the blockchain. The official said that the move was to block the block, digital currency, Core technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence are introduced into the company's orderly charging and other product systems to enhance product competitiveness. Yesterday, Golden Crown shares released a list of candidates for the board of directors. Three of the four non-independent directors announced this time have extensive financial, legal and rail transportation experience. The change of the board of directors means that Jinguan shares may use M&A to make bigger and stronger new digital currency and expand the original new energy business. Some new energy industry experts said that the company’s replacement of the non-independent director’s special status, combined with its previous multiple mergers and acquisitions, coupled with its advanced technology such as digital currency and blockchain, does not rule out its use of one. Series mergers and acquisitions, around its main business, to complete a better ecological chain.