The data shows that there were 9 security incidents in September, resulting in a loss of over RMB 130 million.

According to Chengdu Chain's data, in the past month, various types of attacks and money-losing incidents occurred frequently, and a total of nine typical security incidents occurred. These include: 1. Three security incidents occurred in the EOS chain, and hacker attacks exceeded 220,000 EOS, including the craigspys211 account that was frozen by arbitration, which transferred out 199,000 EOS and gradually flowed to the exchange. 2. Bitcoin Wallet Electrum users face phishing attacks. When a user updates a client with a backdoor, the private key will be stolen and 1450BTC has been stolen so far. 3. Two DApp attacks occurred in the wave field chain this month, and thousands of TRXs were stolen. The attack method is still rolling back the transaction. 4. The FAIRWIN contract of the Ethereum fund project was exposed to serious security breaches. Any user can call the interface to forge the bet data and then withdraw the balance. Although the vulnerability interface has been closed, 500 bet data has been inserted before closing, about 5093 ETH . 5. The risk of being implanted with malicious code in a third-party JS service used by the digital currency exchange directly threatens the security of the exchange's funds and causes the user to lose money. 6. The Fusion wallet was attacked, resulting in the theft of 10 million native FSN and 3.5 million ERC20 FSN tokens, valued at approximately $5.57 million.

In the statistic range, the safety incidents that occurred in September lost more than 130 million yuan. Although the number of security incidents has decreased slightly this month, the amount of losses has increased, the security incidents of exchanges and wallets are still on the rise, and the main attack methods of hackers are exploits, indicating the security of the exchange. Consciousness still needs to be strengthened.