Chainlink's first Chinese trip ended successfully, opening a trip to South Korea today

The Chainlink team has arrived in Seoul, South Korea and will begin a series of activities in the Korean Blockchain Week. At the same time, the opening of the Korean blockchain week also indicates the successful conclusion of Chainlink's China trip. Let's review Chainlink's unforgettable China premiere.

On September 16th, in the global demo block application show (Demo Day) in Shanghai, Chainlink CMO Adelyn Zhou attracted strong attention to the presentation of the Chainlink project. Adelyn elaborates on how to use the oracle network to connect smart contracts with external data and resources in the blockchain, so that smart contracts can capture events happening in the real world and then execute the contract after the event.

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On the afternoon of September 17, at the seminar on privacy computing development at the Shanghai Blockchain Week, Chainlink CEO Sergey Nazarov gave a keynote speech. In this high-quality seminar around privacy computing, Sergey gave an in-depth explanation of Chainlink and gave a detailed introduction to the decentralized predictor network under the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). In the trusted execution environment, the node cannot view the operational data, the operational data under the chain is completely confidential, and the qualification management of the payment is also confidential, thus achieving the confidentiality of the trusted execution environment.

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At the 5th Global Blockchain Summit on September 18th, Chainlink CEO Sergey Nazarov worked with Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum), Song Xiaodong (founder and CEO of Oasis Labs) and Jae Kwon (founder of COSMOS) A high-quality roundtable discussion was held on the topic “New Exploration: Where is the Next Block of the Blockchain?” Sergey said that the blockchain needs to be more meaningful – to understand what happens in real life. Through the network of predictive machines, the scope of use of smart contracts can go beyond the pass and enter a new stage, realizing the data interaction under the blockchain chain.

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On September 19th, Chainlink's first Shanghai meetup was also China's first offline meetup held in Neutrino. In addition to Chainlink CEO Sergey Nazarov and CMO Adelyn Zhou, Findora CEO Charles Lu, IRISnet & Border Intelligence founder Harriet Cao, Kava CEO Brian Kerr, Origin CEO & CO-Founder Matthwe Liu, and Solana CEO & CO-founder Anatoly Yakovenko all came to the meetup site to share.

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In addition to participating in many events in the Shanghai Blockchain Week and conducting offline meetings, Sergey also accepted the first Chinese interview from Babbitt in Shanghai.

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For more information on the interview, see:

After the trip to Shanghai, the Chainlink team came to Hangzhou to hold the meetup. In addition to Sergey and Adelyn, Nervos Foundation Co-Founder & COO Danile Lv, Harmony Founder Stephen Tse, Bytom chief architect Zhu Yizhen, imToken business growth leader Lucas also came to the scene to bring you full of dry goods.

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Finally, the Chainlink team arrived in Beijing and held the Beijing station meet up on September 24th, which is the last stop of the China tour. In addition to Sergey's wonderful sharing, Conflux technical business director Shang Shu, Celer China COO Yu Chao also brings high quality content to the audience. chief content officer Luo Hongda, HashQuak commercial director Rose Wu, Stafi & Wetez founder Ka Yan and Chainlink Chinese community leader Philip held a roundtable discussion on the hot Staking topic. It is worth mentioning that, HashQuak and Stafi&Wetez are all important nodes of Chainlink.

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The trip to China has come to a successful conclusion, let us look forward to what kind of wonderful collision will happen in Seoul, South Korea! This afternoon, Chainlink CEO Sergey Nazarov will deliver a speech entitled "Securely Connecting of Smart Contracts" at the main venue of D.FINE. In addition, Chainlink will host the first Korean meetup in Seoul tonight. Welcome everyone.

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