Jinshan Yunzhujiang: The industrial park is the smallest place where the blockchain application falls and maximizes its value.

According to Xiangcheng.com, on September 20th, at the 2019BSASF Digital Technology and Blockchain Scenario Application Summit Forum, Zhu Jiang, general manager of the block chain department of Jinshan Cloud District, said that the industrial park is a carrier for collecting a large number of enterprises. The National Belt and Road Initiative, small to service and large, medium and small enterprises in the park, chooses the industrial park as the practical application site of the blockchain, or as the birthplace is very valuable. Compared with the blockchain enabling enterprises to achieve cost reduction and efficiency, the service and industrial park blockchain technology itself can play its role in building ecology, including data ecology and business ecology, so it can be said that the industrial park is the blockchain application landing. And the smallest place to maximize value.