Hailian Huijin released its 2018 annual report and has applied for 38 blockchain invention patents.

Hailian Huijin released the "2018 Annual Report". The report said that the joint advantage of its wholly-owned subsidiaries has been focusing on related technology research and product innovation in the field of financial technology services in recent years. It has continuously invested in strong research and development in the improvement and application of blockchain technology, and has achieved a series of achievements and innovations. . By the end of 2018, the company had applied for 38 blockchain invention patents and obtained 3 blockchain software copyrights. The company's self-developed blockchain underlying framework excellent chain system (English name: UChains) passed the China Information and Communication Research Institute trusted blockchain standard test. Based on the excellent chain system, the "Excellent Chain Cloud Depository Platform" and the "Blockchain-based Cross-border Factoring Financing Credit Management Platform" have been put into operation, and the latter was rated as "2018 Financial Blockchain Innovation" by China Payment and Clearing Association. Apply excellent cases."