Zhongqingbao real controllers and concerted action people rallied, digital currency concept stocks may be "stunned"

According to the chain financial news, previously Zhongqingbao (300052.SZ) has publicly stated that the digital currency mining machine independently developed by the controlling shareholder Baode Technology is selling well. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked Zhongqingbao to verify whether it involves technologies such as blockchain and digital currency. It is a warning that listed companies must fulfill their information disclosure obligations in a serious and timely manner in accordance with national laws and regulations. Zhongqingbao responded that the company involved blockchain technology, but did not involve the concept of digital currency, and its contribution to net profit was only 526,700 yuan. This statement is obviously contrary to what was previously called “digital currency mining in self-built mine pools”. Zhongqingbao issued an announcement on the evening of September 27th that the actual controllers Li Ruijie and Zhang Yunxia and their concerted actions were held by Baode Holdings. Due to personal capital needs, Baode Technology plans to reduce its holdings of the company's shares by a centralized bidding and block trade in the next six months, not exceeding 15.7944 million shares (accounting for 6.00% of the total share capital). Once again, it was questioned by the outside world that the actual controllers and the concerted actors were rallying, and the concept of digital currency was not.