Huijin Shares: The main function of the company's blockchain project is to match the actual logistics formed by the cash package with the crown number information flow.

Hui Jin (SZ300368), Secretary of the Board of Directors, responded to investors' questions on the interactive platform, saying that the research on digital currency is mainly dominated by the central bank and has not yet been applied. The research and development of the blockchain-based currency transfer system disclosed in the company's annual report in 2018 is mainly: the simultaneous encapsulation of the currency (RMB) and the matching crown size and uploading the currency transfer of the blockchain developed by the three parties as required. System; the project finally completes the simultaneous transfer of currency and package information by means of QR code (currency package mark) and specific FSN (People's Crown Code Packing Standard) file. The main application function of this project is the actual logistics and crown number formed by cash package. The information flow matches.