Nakamoto Takashi Treasure: Bitcoin treasure hunt for millions of dollars

Treasure hunting for millions of dollars worth of bitcoin is underway.

On April 13, 2019, an anonymous user broadcasted a mysterious message via Blockstream Satellite, which said that it would launch a million dollar reward for the treasure hunt of "Satoshi's Treasure" to all people in the Bitcoin community. game. The initiator said that the game will "test the determination, courage, wisdom and understanding of the treasure hunters. At the current exchange rate, the reward for the competition is about 198 bitcoins.

"This news is expected to arrive in the fourth month of the 20th year of the Gregorian calendar," the message wrote. “If you are reading this article, then you will learn something worth looking for, which will bring excitement to a dull life .”

According to the news, the anonymous broadcaster plans to provide clues on the bonus on the website , and also pointed out that three initial key clues will be announced in the next few days.

"What you are seeing is the first clue to a grand treasure hunt… This is not the first treasure hunt, and certainly not the last one, but this time I initiated it, so you must prove it to me. Your identity."

The message also stipulated the basic rules of treasure hunt in mysterious language and pointed out that the final prize “is neither gold nor jewellery nor a worthless piece of paper that is now treated as money”.

The promoter used the "Sorcerer Shamir's Split Magic" to divide the final million-dollar bitcoin into 1,000 pieces. Treasure hunters must find 400 of them and use Shamir's "reconstruction spells" to get these numbers of gold.

"As long as you succeed in doing it, these treasures will always belong to you," the news wrote.

Although the character Shamir may sound like a character in "Magic: Collection" or "Dragon and Dungeons," it is actually a reference to the Israeli cryptographer Adi Shamir, who invented key sharing. Mechanism . So this puzzle initiator may have split the private key that holds the bitcoin treasure into multiple pieces.

The three key cues mentioned in the initial message will be announced at noon in the time zone corresponding to the three geographic coordinates mentioned in the article on April 16 , April 17, and April 18, 2019.

“Zhong Ben Cong Treasure” is like a traditional puzzle and treasure hunt game. Anonymous fans – whether because of generosity, curiosity, boredom or all three – embed bits in art, pictures or other forms of media. Currency private key . The most recent one happened in France, when Bitcoin, worth $1,000, was hidden in a replica of the famous "Freedom of the People" oil painting. The most representative example of such a puzzle may be "Sakamoto Satoshi" , which was cracked in early 2018 after three years.