The data shows that the market value of BTC has a certain downward trend, and the time of export continues to increase.

According to TokenGazer data analysis: UTC September 29, bitcoin volatility fell, volume continued to decline, the decline of other mainstream currencies and Bitcoin are closer. After the bitcoin price fell, the USDT/RMB off-market price rose again, currently at 7.23. As of 17:00 on September 30, the BTC price fell below $8000, the current price is $7,883.42, the market value is $141,219.67M; the mainstream exchange 24H BTC trading volume is about $397.52M, an increase of 41.86% from yesterday; BTC active address The number has rebounded, the trading volume on the chain continued to shrink, the block time was about 10.4min, and continued to increase. The market value ratio has a certain downward trend, currently about 67.4%; BTC 30-day ROI performance is not good; futures, OKEx, The total amount of firecoin bitcoin positions continued to increase slightly. The maximum long position of OKEx bitcoin was 38.76. At this time, the short position ratio was 13.31%, which was close to 3:1. On the exchange side, BTC/USD Coinbase to BTC/USD Bitfinex Maintaining a negative premium, the premium range has shrunk.