Analysis: The futures market is bullish, and the HT contract has more flips.

BFX.NU research members said that the arrival of the holiday did not reduce the trading heat of the futures market. From the afternoon of this day, there was a significant increase in market Masukura, mainly focusing on the mainstream currency and platform currency futures, and the bulls were the main players. Among them, the ATOM contract is the biggest gainer this day. It is expected that the long-term maximum return rate will be about 203.4%, and the short-term contract will increase the position by about 16.5 million. Mainstream currency futures sector, 13 categories of ZEC, BSV, ADA, ETH and other short-term Masukura is obvious, while XRP, TRX, EOS and other 7 contracts are showing a trend of lightening; platform currency futures, HT contract has an overall flip in the evening In the case, the long position is the main position of the position, while the BNB and OKB contracts still use the short position as the main position bias.