Market analysis: BTC daily power adjustment, the upswing only waits for an opportunity

BTC rose to the previous high of 8320 after the first line was blocked, adjusted above the 8200 area, entered the rhythm of shock adjustment, after yesterday's bottoming rebound, today triggered a rebound, and there is an opportunity to further form an upward trend, the short-term trend once above 8200 Stabilization is expected to continue to erupt. It is still in a stage of adjustment, but the pressure on the top is not strong. Once the opportunity of counterattack is given, the four-hour Bollinger will also enter the rising stage after breaking the track. The overall trend is now oscillating. In the rhythm, today is once again blocked by the previous highs, still need to pay attention to the resistance suppression above the 8300 line.

On the BTC daily chart, a strong rebound trend was formed yesterday. Today, the previous high point was blocked and adjusted. The short-term trend was in a stale situation. The 5-day moving average was upward, the market sentiment continued to rise, and the upward will formed, but the current lack of energy, and Failure to form an effective breakthrough, so adjustments are still needed at present. Follow-up can focus on the pressure of the 8200 line. Once it stabilizes in the region in the short term, it can follow the trend and wait for the outbreak to follow. The recent short bulls have failed to break the bottom. The key support has been formed, and a strong support line has been formed, which has driven the bottom-up mood of the market. The rhythm of the counterattack has arrived. The current mood is blocked, but the rhythm of the upswing has already formed. Then it will continue to test the breakthrough to the upper high point. Once it is effective and effective. Breakthrough, the outbreak will also come, the short-term outbreak still lacks kinetic energy, the operation suggestes that the altitude is low, pay attention to the position below 8100-8200. Once the trend is upward, it will form from the area, pay attention to the upper resistance 8350-8600 position, follow up at 8150 Looking at the 8350 position, the breakthrough will look at the previous high.

ETH also entered the outbreak phase yesterday, directly breaking through the high resistance, rising to around 180, the current trend is running near the 10-day moving average, and there are signs of resistance in the short-term, but the callback is also quickly pulled back, the upward will is strong, the previous pressure It has already been released. Once the recent trend can maintain the offensive, it will soon enter the rising rhythm. If the long-term continues to be blocked at a high level, then it will continue to adjust. Today's trend has signs of upswing. Although the overall trend is biased, it is recommended. Single-based, empty singles supplemented, in the 175 line to follow more than single to see the 180 position, focus on the upper resistance 185-190 position, below the support 170-175 position.

BCH broke out yesterday, but failed to break through the previous high resistance. After a small breakthrough today, it encountered resistance suppression. The upward trend weakened. The current trend is not strong. If it can stabilize at 225, there will still be opportunities to continue to attack. The MACD indicator is flat on the 0-axis, and the RSI tends to be parallel. Today will also be a turbulent trend. The operation suggestes that the altitude is low, focusing on the 220-225 position below the support and the 230-240 position above.

Recently, many friends have accumulated their profits in the operation, but they do not know how to choose the direction in the follow-up. It also leads to the unwillingness to wait for the surplus to leave the market after the receipt of the list. It has missed many opportunities to increase the position, and the National Day holiday has arrived. Not sure if there are timely suggestions to help you carry out the operation. In fact, you can let go of your heart. No matter what kind of day, Chen Chuchu will continue to give you the most timely and effective guidance and advice for everyone in the operation of the transaction. Helping with thorns and thorns.