Chen Xinying, CEO of China Ping An, won the "Friendship Award" of the Chinese government, and produced scientific research results in the blockchain during his duties.

According to the Economic Observer Online, on September 30, China Ping An’s co-CEO Chen Xinying won the Chinese government’s “Friendship Award”. She has been able to affix these labels for 6 years of safety: she has established 8 research institutes and cooperates with top universities and research institutions in artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, biomedicine, medical technology, macro economy, smart city. And financial technology produced scientific research results, the number of scientific and technological patent applications reached 18,000, ranking first in the world. Note: The Chinese Government's "Friendship Award" is the highest award set by the Chinese government to recognize foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to China's modernization and reform and opening up. It was officially established by the State Council's National Foreign Experts Bureau in 1991.