Bank of Korea: expressed doubts about Libra's commercialization next year and is paying attention to the commercialization trend of encryption assets such as Libra

Yonhap News, on October 1, the Bank of Korea (the country's central bank) expressed doubts about Facebook's digital currency Libra's commercialization in 2020. According to a report by the South Korean bank published by a South Korean bank, "The response of the international community to Libra-related issues and the position of the Bank of Korea", although Facebook plans to commercialize in 2020, it is difficult to predict whether Libra will be issued or not. The Bank of Korea explained that Libra is currently in the planning stage and the regulator is discussing the issue. When talking about the countermeasures, the Bank of Korea said that it is closely monitoring the commercialization trend of encryption assets such as Libra, actively participating in the international community's discussions on Libra, and strengthening the impact of research-related innovations.