Eight American companies set up a token rating committee, and Maker and Polymath are most likely to be considered securities.

According to previous news, eight well-known cryptocurrency companies in the United States form the Crypto Rating Council, which is designed to assist market participants in transactions or provide cryptographic assets to comply with US federal securities laws. The committee's legal experts will develop a framework for assessing whether the token is eligible for securities and give a score of 1 to 5 points, 1 point means the token is likely not to be considered a security, 5 points This means that the token is highly likely to be considered a security. According to the official website data, the current bitcoin is 1 point, the highest is the stable currency project Maker and the securities-based token distribution platform Polymath, both of which are 4.5 points. The eight founding members of the committee mainly cover trading, investment and custody businesses: Hostage Anchorage, Exchange Bittrex, Financial Business Circle, Exchange Coinbase, Trader DRW Cumberland, DCG's institutional-level OTC transaction Genesis , asset management company Grayscale Investments and exchange Kraken.