InnoSilicon responds: Net transmission core technology mine fire is a rumor

Earlier this morning, foreign media reported that InnoSilicon was in a mine in China, and cryptocurrency investor Dovey Wan said that the fire destroyed the mining machine, which is said to be worth $10 million. In this regard, some media to InnoSilicon to verify, InnoSilicon official response said that the network transmission core technology mine fire is a rumor. It is reported that the so-called big fire does not exist. In all data centers, only one of the open space under construction had a water curtain on fire, but the fire was small and handled quickly, and there was no machine at all on the site, so no damage was caused. At the same time, the official also said that Core Dynamics did not engage in blockchain-related business. The blockchain business is carried out by Innosilicon, an independent company registered in Hong Kong. At the same time, it is even more unfounded for the foreign media to attribute the so-called big fire of the net transmission to the 119-minute block interval of the BTC in the early morning of August 1. First, the fire did not exist. Secondly, in response to the 119-minute block interval of the BTC, Coin World had sent a test to the security company PeckShield researchers in the morning, saying, “Because BTC mining is a random process, The goal is to make a piece out in 10 minutes, but the actual block time may be greater or less than 10 minutes. The smaller the deviation from 10 minutes, the smaller the chance of occurrence, but occasionally it will appear. Another possibility is that the calculation power suddenly drops a lot, making it out. The block time becomes longer. But there is only a lone block exception, which is more inclined to the first reason."