Tom Lee: Before you worry about whether the bear market is over, please keep in mind Bitcoin's "Best Ten Day Rule"

According to BeInCrypto, Fundstrat Global Advisors co-founder Tom Lee has not been worried about Bitcoin's current retracement. He recently said: "People are worried about whether the upgrade bear market is over, remember to think about Fundstrat's "rule of 10 best" Days (Best Ten Days Rule). Bitcoin will fall 25% every year before this best time comes, but then all the gains will be recovered within 10 days. By the way, we believe that BTC is in a trend-free macro The market performance is weak.” It is reported that CNBC Fundstrat has promoted the “Best Ten Day Rule” as a historical model to establish the view that in any year, most of the increase in BTC prices occurs in This is "the best ten days." E.g. In the bull market of 2017, Bitcoin soared 1100% in just 10 days and reached an all-time high of $21,000.