There were 12 typical security incidents in September, and the trend of supply chain attacks became more apparent.

In the past September, there were 12 typical security incidents in the blockchain ecosystem, including: EOSPlay suffers from new random number attacks, fund disk project FairWin smart contract rights management flaws, EOS blacklist account craigspys211 utilizes new BP blacklist defect transfer Take 199,999 typical security events such as EOS. In addition, the Slow Matter Block Chain Threat Intelligence (BTI) system monitoring found that supply chain attacks against the blockchain ecosystem are increasing, in the form of the EventStream, a contaminated NPM module disclosed in slow fog last November, disclosed in July this year. The attack on the digital currency wallet Agama build chain, the URL hijacking attack for the digital currency market/navigation station disclosed in August this year, and the third-party statistics for the exchange, the malicious code of the customer service js disclosed in the slow fog in September. Into, carry out the implementation of the stolen money attack. The Slow Mist Safety Team reminds all project parties to enhance personnel safety awareness and platform risk control system. If necessary, contact a professional blockchain security company for help to avoid losses.