Ethereum Name Service's domain auction was suspended due to a bug

According to foreign media, the domain auction of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) was suspended due to a bug. It is reported that the bug caused the auction domain name to be incorrectly awarded to users with lower bids. ENS editor Brantly Millegan announced in a media article published on September 30 that the site auction service for the site was suspended. He pointed out that most of the first auctions were successfully completed, and only a few were affected by the vulnerability. According to Millegan, one of the reasons for the occurrence of some abnormal auctions is related to the documentation. According to the announcement, “Some bidders received incorrect information about how to use the JavaScript SDK to bid, resulting in invalid bids, which means that their bids were not included in the auction.” Another reason is related to the software, and an auction system has an input. Verify the vulnerability and allow bidding for non-issued domain names. Some users have used this vulnerability to issue defi.eth, wallet.eth, apple.eth and other domain names.