Firecoin CEO: Firecoin is expected to announce the progress of the public chain in Q2, may try to mix exchange mode

According to TokenGazer, on April 16th, at the “One Asked the End” event, the CEO of the Fire Coin, Zhongye, responded to the questions raised by the future exchanges. Decentralized exchanges as a new technology form may be the future. One of the mainstream forms of the exchange. It is expected that in Q2 this year, the fire currency will disclose progress and innovation in the public chain and expansion. In the near future, centralized exchanges still dominate. Although all the advantages of decentralized trading, such as asset chaining and transaction records, are not easily falsified, it is theoretically safer, but its integration efficiency, transaction depth and customer service end are low quality and the safety factor is not high. Therefore, the decentralized exchange is still in the growth stage, and it will not be used for the public for a long time. The fire currency may go online to the central exchange in the future.