Zach Burke talks about Libra again: I hope to solve some problems before starting.

On October 1st, the news news agency The Verge released the audio and text of Facebook's recent internal meeting. CEO Mark Zuckerberg answered questions about the company's future. According to the report, the leaked transcript covers Facebook's two internal meetings in July 2019. In addition to major topics such as the possible splitting of Facebook by regulators, Zuckerberg spent most of his time on Libra, the company's much-recognized cryptocurrency project. Zuckerberg highlighted Libra's consulting progress, detailing that both Facebook and the Libra Association want to do their best to solve some problems before the project is officially launched. During the meeting, Zuckerberg further outlined Facebook's early strategy for regulator support and pointed out that the various procedures surrounding the project would be a long way. Zuckerberg also pointed out that private communication with regulators would be more effective than open procedures.