David Marcus, head of Libra: Some of the reports in The Wall Street Journal can be said to be nonsense.

For the Wall Street Journal, members of the Libra Association (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) are rethinking their participation. Libra project leader David Marcus responded on Twitter. I want to clarify this question: 1) Libra Association officially The first wave of membership will be formally formed in the next few weeks; 2) such a large scale change is difficult and requires courage + this will be a long journey. For Libra, success requires loyal members. Although I don't know the specific organizational plan, loyalty to the mission is more important than anything else. 3) The Wall Street Journal article suggests that we don't know Libra, or don't share it. Part of the detailed information on how to protect Libra and protect the network from illegal activities is absolutely untrue (it can be said to be nonsense); 4) The tone of some reports suggests anxiety, etc… I can tell you that we are very calm Confidence in dealing with Libra's legitimate concerns and putting the discussion on the value of digital currencies in the first place.