The data shows that the FairWin balance is cleared, and the Ethereum network Gas consumption is highly saturated.

According to data, yesterday (October 01), the Ethereum network Gas consumption value totaled 510 ETH, Gas utilization accounted for 81.69% of the Ethereum network can carry the total amount of Gas. After comprehensive comparison, the top 5 smart contracts for Gas consumption are: SpaceShips (7.13%), ERC20 USDT (5.43%), EtherHonor (3.23%), CodexCoin (3.75%), and HyperFair (2.19%). Since August 26, the daily consumption of the Espresso network has been above 90% (high saturation), which lasted for more than one month. However, the saturation dropped sharply to 81.69% yesterday, mainly due to the fund game FairWin. The contract balance was emptied and its congestion on the Ethereum network was temporarily over.