Libra's detailed roadmap is announced for the first time: the main network will have hundreds of nodes

The Libra Association today released its first project roadmap detailing the team's planned development path before the launch of Libra's main network. In the first phase, the Libra Association is expected to invite five partners to deploy a full node on the network, and the Calibra team will play an important role in node operations (Note: Calibra is the Libra Wallet development team). The Libra main network will be launched at the end of the fourth phase of the roadmap, when it is expected that 100 partners will run the full node, and Calibra will exit the dominant position as a normal node. According to the Libra Association, all nodes will use a hybrid architecture of local servers and cloud hosting. The announcement states that the diversity of hybrid architectures will provide Libra with greater resiliency.