Analyst: Don't be upset about Bakkt's sluggish trading volume

Analysts at Oppenheimer Co. said that although the start of the bitcoin futures market was disappointingly slow, it is still too early to write down Bakkt. In a research report on October 1, the stock research company encouraged investors to "don't be uncomfortable with Bakkt's sluggish trading volume." Oppenheimer senior analyst Own Lau and managing director Chris Kotoski wrote that, first, its parent company Intercontinental Exchange is in fixed income analysis and trading, mortgages and exchange-traded funds (etf) There are many other electronic initiatives in the field. At this point, we will not judge whether Bakkt's bitcoin futures are successful, nor will we judge whether Bakkt's bitcoin futures trading volume will increase in the future. We acknowledge that in addition to password enthusiasts, the large-scale adoption of Bitcoin or any other digital asset has a long way to go, but we will not underestimate that Bakkt’s initial bitcoin futures trading volume does not seem to have reached the original level. expected. ”