New York Attorney General's Office: Bitfinex should be ready to provide documentation to investigators after the suspension period

The Office of the Attorney General of New York said that Bitfinex may not be able to provide documentation to investigators for the time being, but should be prepared at the end of the suspension period. On September 30, in a letter of disclosure written and submitted by senior law enforcement attorney John Castiglione, NYAG's office outlined how Bitfinex and Tether and other related entities did not provide any documents allegedly covering the intercompany loan. Note: The NYAG office is investigating Bitfinex, Tether, and other entities and individuals. NYAG claims that Bitfinex lost nearly $1 billion in customer and corporate funds. Bitfinex makes up the difference by borrowing money from Tether's reserves. Bitfinex filed an appeal last month and obtained the right to temporarily suspend document production until November to “complete” its appeal.