Mt. Gox's trustee Kobayashi Shinji and the US Department of Justice contacted Btc-e's former operator information

Nobuaki Kobayashi, the trustee of the now-defunct Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, has contacted the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to find information about former BTC-e operator Alexander Vinnik. . According to Kobayashi’s statement, as part of Mt. Gox’s ongoing bankruptcy process, the trustee “has been investigating whether any BTC or fiat money has disappeared” and “if there is any disappearing background”. The 39-year-old Russian Alexander was first sued by the US authorities on July 25, 2017 and detained in Greece on charges of fraud and money laundering through the BTC-e. In 2017, the US Department of Justice initially accused Wennick of planning an international money laundering program that handled more than $4 billion in capital flows through the BTC-e exchange, including about 300,000 bitcoins stolen from Mt.Gox.